Stars in the Sky Garden Stone

Stars in Sky Are Loved Ones Memorial Stone

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This memorial stone reminds us that when a parent or spouse dies, we lose a compass in our lives. This stone acknowledges that loss by proclaiming, “Perhaps the stars in the sky are loved ones letting us know they are near, by guiding us through the night.”

Place this stone in the garden and gaze at the stars, knowing that the guidance you received from your lost loved one will always echo in your life. This stone is suitable for placement in the ground or may be hung on a fence or wall with the built-in cast hangar.

The stone is also marked with dozens of engraved stars. This decorative stone weighs 11 lbs and measures 16 x 10 inches. It is weatherproof, guaranteed to last a lifetime, and made in the USA. Order now and your memorial stone is en route. Expect it in about seven to ten days.