Gone But Not Forgotten Garden Stone

Living Spirit Garden Stone

SKU #: KB08501



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If you’ve lost a loved one, planting a memorial garden is a strong way to turn grief into beauty. Plant a living bouquet to remember your loved one, and fresh life will blossom each season. This heart shaped marker stone is a reminder that the spirit and passions of people never pass away.

This is a substantial stone marker – it weighs a solid 4 pounds, and measures 8.5 inches wide by 7 inches high. The text on this garden stone reads “Gone yet not forgotten – although we are apart, your spirit lives within me, forever in my heart.” The text is accented with an engraving of a flowering vine with heart shaped leaves.

The shape of your stone may vary slightly from the image shown above. Each of these garden stones is made by hand in the USA. They are weatherproof and designed to last a lifetime. Although the plants in your garden may fade away in the winter, the accent stones will remain year after year.

This garden rock makes an excellent marker for a garden. It can also be used to mark a lost pets favorite spot or grave site. It is large enough to cover unsightly sprinkler control boxes or utility junctions, and it also works to mark a geocache or property boundary.

This stone includes a hanger cast into the backside. The hanger can be put in the ground to anchor the stone in place, or hung from a nail over railings, fenceposts, walls, orother areas to maximize visibility.