Fake Rocks / Boulders

These fake rocks and fake boulders for landscaping are handcrafted, so the exact thickness and shape of each boulder can vary from rock to rock.

You'll find the basic measurements for each of these fake boulders on the individual product page.

The rocks are hollow and have small cavities underneath them. These rocks are cast by hand, so the hollow space inside each boulder is slightly different.

This section is divided into two types garden stones. The boulders at the top of the page are used to hide unsightly yard item such as backflow fixtures, cleanouts, electric utilities or any other item you might want to hide. And the other type of fake rocks, located on the bottom half of this page, are decorative fake boulders that have a more authentic look and feel.

These are not cheap fake rocks. Some are actually made of cast stone, so they are almost indistinguishable from a real rock until you try to pick it up! You can stand on it and jump up and down! They're that sturdy. Other fake stones are made from a sturdy, textured plastic that are lighter and can withstand approximately 100 pounds.

Small Fake Boulder
Tall Fake Boulder
Round Fake Boulder
Medium Fake Boulder
Extra Small Fake Boulder
Electrical Cover Fake Boulder
Septic System Cover Fake Boulder
Water Line Cover Fake Boulder
Low to the Ground Fake Boulder
Telephone Pedestal Cover Fake Boulder
Pool Filter Cover Fake Boulder