Garden Stone - Believe

Believe Garden Stone

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Do you believe in something? You should. Do you like to use the word “believe” as a generic everyday thing to say to people? You could. Just imagine it. A friend has a bad day, what do you tell them? “Believe.”
You’re working on your garden, and know it can be something special, a place of beauty and serenity. What do you say? “Believe.” Nothing puts forth the power of positive thinking quite like an ornamental garden stone with the phrase “Believe” inscribed on it.
This garden stone measures 7 ½” x 7” and only weighs 2 pounds. If you can believe it, this garden stone was made in the USA. If you have doubts about this, just ask the rock. It will tell you to believe. Don’t think this garden stone can withstand any kind of weather? It can. Believe.